your pasta,

your way

At Pazzi, our mantra is that everyone deserves the perfect bowl of pasta. That's why we put the power in your hands; you choose a freshly made pasta variety, an organic sauce, & all natural toppings. The result? A bowl of pasta filled with integrity, wholesome Sicilian flavor, and lots of love. 

All of our ingredients are sourced locally and hold true to our belief in an organic, nutritious lifestyle.

Visit us and taste the difference! 


Photo credit: Good Eggs (e.g., © 2015 Good Eggs, Inc.)

Ancient Grain pasta

In addition to traditional grain pasta, we offer our guests a unique, extremely healthy pasta option: Ancient Grains.

Some of our options include Kamut, Einkorn, Farro, and Buckwheat to bring you a nutritious, delicious bite in every Pazzi Pasta bowl. 


Our Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn location is a warm, welcoming cafe filled with the aroma of freshly made pasta and low simmering sauces. Our style is simple: fast casual with an emphasis on excellent food & superior service. 

Photo Credit: Good Eggs (e.g., © 2015 Good Eggs, Inc.)


All of our freshly made, nutritious pastas and raviolis are available to purchase in-store or through online marketplace Pair them with your favorite homemade sauce for a meal you and your loved ones will never forget.