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The decision to be gluten-free is pretty simple, in that it isn’t so much a decision as it is a necessity. Being able to eat a meal without fear of the consequences is one that most people take for granted—and in this case, the consequences are painful. You may appear to have unbelievable self-control, but in truth, that Robicelli’s cupcake is absolutely not worth the unattractive side effects. So the hardest part isn’t turning down gluten-laden foods, it’s finding truly satisfying substitutes.

Thankfully, Brooklyn is full of them, both obvious and undiscovered. At Battersby they offer to hold the flour in their sweetbread without batting an eye, while Bogota Latin Bistro in Park Slope denotes every gluten-free option on their menu. So if you know where to look—and dine—you might almost forget you have any sort of dietary restriction at al.

Pazzi Pasta: If a cardiologist insists we should indulge in mass quantities of pasta, who are we to argue? Together with his southern Italian family, Dr. Giovanni Campanile runs this seriously charming eatery in Carroll Gardens, featuring noodles made with 80-90 percent of ancient milled grains, such as farro and kamut. And yes, there’s even a perfectly texturized option comprised of four high-nutrient gluten-free flours, which you can watch being mixed, kneaded and extruded before your very eyes, before being ladled with sauces such as ragu bolognese, smoked salmon and gorgonzola, or cauliflower, garlic and almond, which (bonus!) is also entirely vegan.
227 Smith Street, Carroll Gardens