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Pazzi Pasta is a Brooklyn hotspot for, you guessed it, pasta! In Italian, Pazzi means crazy. You know– out of the ordinary, passionately preoccupied, or absurdly fond of. This word perfectly describes my thoughts on the restaurant! I’m obsessed! They make their own gluten free pasta and have perfected the recipe. Plus, all of the sauces are gluten free and there are even some NOBREAD approved desserts to taste! Pazzi is definitely worth the trip to Carroll Gardens…

When you walk in, you are handed a cute little board and a marker. Wander over to the pasta bar to pick out yours! There are a lot of options for the gluten-eating crowd and the pastas come in all different shapes and flavors. The GF pasta is amazing! Make sure you tell the restaurant you are gluten free so that they boil a separate pot of water to cook your pasta in. It will take a bit longer, but I recommend you do so. If you are not sensitive to cross contamination and can handle your GF pasta being cooked in the same boiling water as regular pasta then no need to do so! Once you’ve sorted that out, check out the long bar of sauces. My friend and I were a little overwhelmed, so we ordered three combinations to share! We were drooling over the 4 cheese sauce, so we ordered it two ways! One dish just plain, and one dish with wild mushrooms added. The sauce is to die for, a creamy mix of emmental, fontina, gorgonzola, and asiago. Our third selection was pesto made with fresh basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, to which we added peas and pancetta. We gave the chef our boards and sat down with a glass of wine and a bowl of a Sicilian style minestrone soup… always good to get some veggies in while you wait for your meal! The pastas came out quickly and blew us away. I wish I could have tried more!

I’ll definitely be back to Pazzi! I’m dying to try their smoked salmon and gorgonzola sauce. Where else are you going to find that?! I’ve heard great things about their bolognese, too. Although they aren’t listed on the menu, Pazzi has amazing gluten free desserts, too! We had an indulgent chocolate almond cake and almond cookies made with almonds, honey, and powdered sugar. So simple and delicious! Head over to Carroll Gardens ASAP!